veggie-packed massaged kale salad_

People frequently ask me what I miss from America. Aside from the obvious - missing our family and friends, I typically respond that we've only lived here for 6 months so maybe we haven't had enough time away from USA to feel nostalgic about what we left behind. That being said, every now and then I … Continue reading veggie-packed massaged kale salad_


that time I was in an Adidas commercial_

Actress? No. Model? I wish! Athlete? Aspiring. So how exactly did I end up in an Adidas commercial promoting running, fitness and achieving your goals? Well, I think it happens to be luck, but I'll let you decide for yourself. A Dutch Casting Agency, when in need of native-English speakers for voice-overs or to participate as … Continue reading that time I was in an Adidas commercial_