chillin’ in copenhagen_

At the beginning of 2017, Bill and I made a list of the top cities in the world that we wanted to travel to. The list was indeed a bit Europe-heavy because of our current location. It helps when we have friends/family from the U.S. who want to travel with us, so when my sister, Alison, … Continue reading chillin’ in copenhagen_


that time we wined, dined and Romantic Rhine(d)_

Fairy-tale castles, vineyards, beautiful landscapes, romantic atmosphere This is how some of our friends described their time visiting the Romantic Rhine in Germany. Castles and wine!? Sign me up! Through some research of my own, we decided to rent a car and road trip to the Upper Middle Rhine Valley. We drove to our furthest destination first … Continue reading that time we wined, dined and Romantic Rhine(d)_